Payment Solutions

Accepting credit cards and all electronic payment types is essential for any business. If you are a high-risk merchant, it can be tough to find a reliable payment processor. Let T1 Payments handle payment processing for you so you can focus on your core business. We offer:

Painless Merchant Processing

Our payment solution can help you start accepting credit cards with little to no friction, upfront costs, or commitments. You can expect unmatched payment processing services from us thanks to our personalized services, industry expertise, and cutting-edge technology. Start processing in three steps: fill our application form, talk to a dedicated agent, and start accepting payments!

Global Payment Gateway

Our innovative payment gateway will allow you to record real-time data as you accept all electronic payment types in 160 currencies while settling them in 27 currencies. Enjoy comprehensive reporting on recurring payments and reliable in-house support to help deal with setbacks with ease. Best of all, you can control everything on-the-go with our mobile app.

Payment Processing For High-risk Industries

With our industry-specific expertise, we can be the payment solution you need to thrive, even if you operate in a high-risk industry. We’re the longest-running payment processor in the CBD industry. We keep tabs on the government and industry-specific regulations in the US and all around the world to ensure our operations are within the required guidelines.

Secure High-risk Merchant Accounts

High chargeback and fraud rates can both lower your customer’s trust levels and affect your ability to process card payments in the future. T1 Payments uses tools like iSpyFraud to help you fight chargebacks and keep fraud cases low. These solutions use machine learning to help you identify and block risky transactions. You can also rely on our tips and expertise to learn how to keep these cases low.

ISO Payment Partnerships

We build our business around the success of the Independent Service Organizations we work with. This means that we are committed to watching your business grow. Enjoy daily or weekly payouts (depending on your monthly processing volume), flexible underwriting, and daily payments as a partner. You also get a team of experts to help you handle chargebacks and keep their numbers as low as possible.

What are you waiting for? Apply now for our hassle-free payment solution now, visit our FAQ page, or reach us at (866) 518-2216 to get your questions answered.