What Once Took Weeks - Signing, Underwriting and Boarding Your Account – T1 Payments Can Now Complete In Hours For Any Size Merchant. Anywhere In the World.

Are you ready to partner with a global payment processing company that can grow your business and increase profitability?

Welcome to T1 Payments, we build our business around your success! Our whole partner services program is centered around what matters most to you. Weekly payments, flexible underwriting, and next day merchant funding are designed to help you get more customers, get paid faster, and take your business to the next level. We are dedicated to maximizing your profits so we have a team of chargeback experts to assist with disputes and help you prevent them in the future. If you want the power of a partner-centric payment processor on your side, contact us today to learn more!

T1 Payments’ partner program is centered around what our partners need in order to grow their portfolios. Commissions paid daily, liberal underwriting and lifetime residuals.



  • Daily Partner Payments for Steady Cash Flow
  • 24-48 Hour Account Turnaround Time
  • 99.9% Account Approval Rate
  • Residuals for Lifetime of Account
  • More Control Working Directly with a Processor
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Flexible Underwriting


Independent Sales Organization (ISO) agent programs should help you boost your earnings. And chances are you’ve seen a lot of amazing promises: big upfront bonuses, fast residuals payments, solid support. But a few months in and you realize that the promises made aren’t an accurate reflection of reality. Instead you’re waiting for your account to be activated, waiting for payments, waiting for answers to your questions – while you’re losing opportunities. That’s not how we do business at T1 Payments. We’re a Payment Processor, and our partner services program is centered around meeting your needs. But why should you believe us? Because your business success is our business success. It just makes sense for us to do everything we can do enable our partners to grow their profits. That means weekly payments, flexible underwriting, and next day merchant funding – along with the best commission and residual offerings in the industry – to help you get more customers, get paid faster, and take your business to the next level.

Let’s define some general terms before we move on to the details of our partner offerings.

The payment card industry defines an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) or an Member Service Provider (MSP) as any organization or individual that is not a Visa or MasterCard member bank, but does have a relationship with an Association member or members. In this case, a “relationship” means the ISO performs functions such as acquiring new customers, providing services, arranging for the lease or purchase of payment card terminals, and other tasks. Wondering what the difference is between an ISO and an MSO? They are essentially the same thing, what Visa calls an ISO MasterCard refers to as a Member Service Provider (MSP).

ISOs and MSPs are not banks, they have their own relationships with Association members such as processing banks. ISOs and MSPs, in turn, can sign up sales agents through a partnership program to help them sign new merchants. Members of partnership programs don’t have to meet the rigorous financial reviews that an ISO/MSP does, nor do the have to pay the high processing fees required to process transactions. In general, even if your goal is to become an ISO/MSP, it’s best to start out as a member of a partnership program. Choose the right partnership program and you’ll gain the experience you’ll need if and when you decide to pursue an ISO/MSP contract.

If you’ve worked with other ISO agent programs you know that it often takes weeks for signing, underwriting and boarding your account. T1 Payments can get you up and running within a few days. And that’s not all – we pay out daily too. No waiting, no complications, and no hidden fees.

We also offer our partners:

  • Flat rate fees
  • Chargeback prevention services
  • In-house customer support
  • Risk management expertise
  • Anti-fraud account monitoring
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Regulatory compliance (PCI)
  • Global payment processing
  • Comprehensive online reporting

For residuals, you get 50% revenue sharing on high-risk accounts and your residuals are paid for the lifetime of the accounts.

T1 Payments also helps you capitalize on a world full of opportunities. For example, online or offshore businesses are areas that can really boost your revenue now. T1 Payments has a global payment processing platform and is a leader in the Payment Processing industry.

Merchants in industries such as CBD, travel, telemarketing, collection agencies, telemarketing, nutraceuticals, adult entertainment and fantasy sports are often unable to get approved for traditional merchant accounts or may suddenly lose their ability to accept payment cards. ISO agents provide a valuable service by helping these merchants do business. And with T1 Payments’ expertise and fraud-prevention tools, high-risk can be transformed into high profits.

We’ll close this post by offering you some things we’ve learned from members of our partner program. Our most profitable partners know they are a valuable resource for merchants. They stay well-informed on all of the basic issues that challenge businesses within specific industries, as well as staying up-to-date on evolving issues that may impact their accounts.

They understand how to circumvent problems that typically are associated with ecommerce businesses. Chargeback protection, for example, is a must. They also offer guidance to their accounts regarding the importance of clear communication, proactive customer service, and ethical business practices in avoiding chargebacks.

Our partners run profitable businesses, so they can afford to be selective about what opportunities they accept and aren’t afraid to pass on contracts from merchants who may not be the best fit. That said, they are very comfortable and enthusiastic about working with accounts that might be pre-judged as risky by other payment service providers.

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T1 Payments partner program is centered around what our partners need in order to grow their portfolios. Commissions paid weekly, liberal underwriting and lifetime residuals.