T1 Talks to Pymnts.com about Derisking Real-Time Commission Payouts for High Risk Merchant Business

August 13, 2019

T1 Payments CEO Donald Kasdon was recently featured on pymnts.com on the ability for T1 Payments to speed up commission payouts for high risk merchant accounts.

Finding the balance between speed and risk is a high wire act for processors when it comes to paying the middlemen — namely ISOs and agents. T1 CEO Donald Kasdon weighs in on how real-time reporting and vigilance (of the human kind) can ensure merchant portfolios are healthy — and middlemen get paid the same day.

To learn more about how T1 Payments ensures a healthy portfolio of merchants and that payouts are sped up, read the full article here: Derisking Real-Time Commission Payouts On High-Risk Merchant Business.