OpenCart Integration

T1 Payments integration into the OpenCart shopping cart solution means your customers can securely and seamlessly checkout on your website, resulting in a positive ecommerce experience and a higher chance of returning customers due to reduced cart abandonment.

Accept credit cards for your high-risk online business with T1 Payments

Credit card processing is essential to any e-commerce site, but for high-risk and hard to place merchants it can be difficult process. T1 Payments, a specialist in processing payments for high-risk merchants prides itself on partnering with online e-commerce platforms that are equipped to quickly and seamlessly integrate with this type of merchant.

OpenCart powers more than 342,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs all over the world. While offering their own dedicated technical support, OpenCart now also sees more than 110,000 registered members on their community forums, making it one the biggest ecommerce communities for feedback and support.

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Benefits of T1 Payments integration with OpenCart

  • Accept a multitude of checkout options including credit card payment choices including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express
  • Hassle-free integration with T1 Payments handling the entire shopping cart integration process
  • No merchant account will be terminated due to the sale of high-risk products across a wide range of industries including Cannabidiol (CBD), vape, and MLM’s merchants to name a few
  • T1 Payments in-house integration team will integrate OpenCart’s shopping cart without charge to ensure merchants can start accepting payments quickly, efficiently, and securely.


OpenCart Benefits

  • OpenCart is a free open source solution which means you have complete ownership over your store without the worry or risk of shutdown at a corporate level
  • All OpenCart payment extensions are PA-DSS compliant
  • OpenCart supports multi-store function, which allows to manage several different stores from one admin panel
  • Over 13,000 additional extensions available to install


Cart Features

  • OpenCart comes with a built-in affiliate system, where affiliates can promote specific products and get paid based on percentages set by the merchant
  • Set up recurring payments for your customers to sell products on a subscription basis, giving you more control over how customers are charged for products or services
  • Hundreds of shipping methods available via the OpenCart Marketplace
  • Includes an integrated comments, reviews, and ratings system
  • Multi-currency checkout options


Cart Requirements

  • A T1 Payment Merchant Account
  • A domain name and OpenCart hosting account with a hosting provider
  • Purchase of an SSL certificate from your hosting provider


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