Magento Integration

As experts in processing credit card payments for high-risk and difficult to place online merchants, T1 Payments aims to partner with eCommerce platforms that can deliver a seamless payment experience for this type of merchant across a wide range of industries.

A seamless checkout experience for your customers with T1 Payments

With more than 250,000 stores, Magento has become an incredibly popular platform of choice in the eCommerce industry. Magento currently powers 8 percent of all online stores globally and currently supports over $500 billion in gross merchandise volume annually.

T1 Payments integration into the Magento shopping cart solution means your customers can securely and reliably checkout on your site; resulting in a positive ecommerce experience and a higher chance of returning customers.

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Benefits of T1 Payments integration with Magento

  • Accept a multitude of credit card check options from major card networks including including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express
  • Hassle-free integration with T1 Payments handling the entire shopping cart integration process
  • No merchant account will be terminated due to the sale of high-risk products such as e-cigarettes and vaporizers, adult websites/products and nutraceuticals and supplements
  • 24/7 support from the T1 Payments in-house integration team to ensure merchants can start accepting payments quickly, efficiently and reliably


“Tiffany Clayton & the team at T1 are unbelievable. The level of support, professionalism, and guidance with my merchants T1 provides makes me feel lucky and honored to have a relationship with T1. Hands down T1 Payments is the best the decision for my high risk merchants.”

-Jeremy Smith.


Magento Cart Benefits

  • Magento is an open-source platform which means you’re always in full control and ownership of your store without the risk of being shutdown at a corporate level
  • PCI certified as a Level 1 Solution Provider – any merchants using Magento Commerce can use Magento’s PCI Attestation of Compliance to aid their own PCI certification process
  • Highly secure customer experience (each customer is deployed into their own isolated server environment, separated from other customers)
  • Magento doesn’t charge percentage fees for any of your transactions


Cart Features

  • Integrated PCI Compliant payment solutions
  • Marketing tools for promotions and landing pages
  • Third party extensions to quickly extend the functionality of your store
  • Analyse your top customers, products, sales data, and promotions with Magento Business Intelligence


Cart Requirements

  • A T1 Payment Merchant Account
  • A domain name and Magento hosting account with a hosting provider
  • Purchase of an SSL certificate from your hosting provider

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