T1 Payments specializes in credit card processing for businesses in high-risk industries, including kratom. We know there can be challenges with this emerging market, and our team is well-versed in how to handle them.


Finding a reliable payment processor for the kratom industry can be filled with challenges. Many businesses struggle with this for a variety of reasons. Traditional banks don’t want to work with the kratom industry, because they consider it too high risk. Miscoding is a big problem in the industry, costing businesses a lot of money. And many companies that claim to provide credit card processing for kratom merchant accounts instead have you go off-site and purchase cryptocurrency for transactions.

You don’t have any of these struggles with T1 Payments. We are a proven reliable and secure payment processor for high-risk industries. We are the longest-running payment processor for the CBD industry, and we know how to navigate all of the regulations in industries like these.


T1 Payments offers a range of proprietary tools that prevent kratom from being sold to banned countries, states, or municipalities. Furthermore, we ensure that all ingredients are displayed on the merchant’s website.

With a kratom merchant account from T1, each merchant gets its own descriptor and MID (merchant identification number), to prevent miscoding issues. Our team of experts deploys risk mitigation tools to ensure that banned or illegal items are not being sold on the website in conjunction with kratom. This ensures our kratom merchant account is always in compliance with the card brands and FDA for the long-term success of your business.


Now is the time to focus on growing your business—don’t waste time chasing down your merchant deposits or scrambling to find another processor because that processor lost their ability to process credit card payments for kratom.

Interested in working with a reliable partner to provide you with a true credit card solution? Look no further than T1 Payments for your kratom merchant account. Contact us today to get started.