The travel industry is high-risk by many traditional banks. T1 Payments specializes in processing for travel clubs and packages. Merchants can accept orders either via our secure e-commerce solution or our MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payment solution that is easy to set up, global, and state-of-the-art.

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Merchant Account For Travel Companies

Businesses that provide travel services are ranked among the highest-risk businesses. Why? One of the reasons is that any problems or disappointments that a traveler may encounter can result in a chargeback.

We all know that travel is rarely an entirely hassle-free experience. It never has been. The word travel itself is derived from old words meaning “instrument of torture,” “to torment” and “trouble.”

Intrepid wanderers assume that they will face some challenges on their journeys (and may even relish the idea of roughing it). Business travelers just power on through bad airport experiences and ugly hotel rooms. However, for those who have been saving up for their once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or got a great deal on their trip, expect to experience perfection. Anything less, and chargebacks are likely to follow, and chargebacks can cause a great impact for your travel business with your merchant provider.


Furthermore, the travel industry seems to be plagued by fraud. The online travel industry has been hit by an increasing number of fraudulent charges from criminals who have learned how to profitably exploit security loopholes in transportation and hotel bookings. The total cost of fraud in the travel industry is expected to exceed $25 billion globally by 2020. Online Travel Agents are predicted to be the worst hit, with an estimated loss of nearly $11 billion globally.

As if chargebacks and fraud are not enough for your business to manage there is the overall risk associated with any merchant provider processing for travel-related industries. Travel is normally booked weeks if not months ahead of departure time and since a customer has 180 days from the time they receive their goods or services to file a chargeback with their credit card provider this opens the merchant provider to a much longer risk exposure than other high-risk merchant industries. With the higher risk exposure, many traditional merchant processors do not allow the boarding of travel or travel-related merchant accounts.

Battling fraud and chargebacks

Whatever the reason be it high levels of chargebacks, fraud, or risk mitigation T1 Payments will not disqualify your travel business from procuring a merchant account. T1 Payments understands the uniqueness of each, and every travel business and our team of underwriters individually reviews every travel-related business and understands the different business models coupled with the services the travel company provides.

Here are some of the travel industries T1 Payments provides merchant accounts for:

  • Travel Agents
  • Travel Packages
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Timeshares
  • Timeshare Services
  • Cruises
  • Excursions
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Charter Companies
  • Travel Clubs
  • Membership Travel Clubs

Our experience with high-risk industries allows us to offer solutions and guidance that help you mitigate risks.

  • Fast Account Approval
  • High Volume Merchant Account
  • Migrate Existing Recurring Payments
  • Sell Globally with Multi-Currency Processing
  • Built-in Chargeback Mitigation Tools
  • Virtual Terminal for Manual Transactions

To find out more about T1Payment’s customizable global payment solutions for high-risk merchants please fill out a contact form or call 866-518-2216 and Apply today!