Count on T1 Payments to provide secure and fast payment processing for companies in the telemarketing industry. We have the ability to process more than 160 currencies.


T1 Payments understands the unique issues surrounding inbound and outbound telemarketing merchants. We are an experienced, global high-risk merchant account provider well-versed in serving a range of telemarketing businesses around the globe.

With industry-specific solutions for all of your payment processing needs, flexible underwriting, flat rate fees, and the ability to handle any currency, we can help you streamline and grow your telemarketing business.

Are ready to put a globally connected payment processing solution to work for you?


At T1 Payments, we understand that seamless payment processing is crucial for your business. T1 Payments provides a range of industry-specific services and solutions to high-risk telemarketing businesses.

Are you looking to expand or grow your business overseas? We offer competitive global payment processing services and are able to handle transactions in over 160 currencies.

Chargebacks can be a serious issue affecting your business’s bottom line. We have an experienced team of chargeback experts who will support you through the process, helping you both dispute chargebacks when needed as well as guide you on how to prevent them from happening.

While traditional financial institutions may not understand the unique issues and challenges you’re facing, we get it. T1 Payments works with outbound telemarketing merchants to help anticipate, prepare, and plan for any issues and obstacles.


Our guaranteed low rates and excellent customer service team is here to assist you throughout the process.

It’s a simple three-step process. Once you fill out an application, a dedicated success manager will contact you to better understand your business and pain points. With no credit check required, we can get your outbound telemarketing merchant account set up and processing payments quickly.

We know how hard telemarketers work to generate leads. Don’t let your payment processor slow you down. Contact us today to get started.