Online Gaming

Our team has experience handling many high-risk industries, including processing for online gaming payments. We can have your business accepting payments very quickly, with no credit check needed.


T1 Payments has assisted numerous businesses with their online gaming payments and processing of credit card transactions via our Global Platform. Traditional banks and financial institutions have deemed the online gaming industry high-risk due to the high number of chargebacks and refunds that accompany the online gaming industry. 

T1 Payments’ secure platform and unique approach to online gaming payment processing allow us to handle everything in-house. Our underwriting, risk, funding, and customer service is all done by us without any middleman. In addition, our security features allow us to minimize your chargebacks and keep your online gaming merchant accounts always processing credit cards.


When you choose T1 Payments to process your online gaming payments, you get:

  • Fast account approval to ensure your business can accept online payments as soon as possible
  • Secure payment gateway and cart integrations fully compliant with all PCI DSS Statements
  • Hassle-free integration with over 175 e-commerce shopping carts as T1 Payments handles the entire process
  • Collect payments in over 160 currencies and settle in 27 currencies
  • Help prevent chargebacks with our built-in chargeback mitigation tool to maintain a good standing for your business with the card networks and to ensure longevity for your online gaming merchant account


Online gaming is in great demand and is estimated to grow by more than 17% over the next eight years. Partner with T1 Payments to be able to keep up with this volume and ensure your online gaming payments are always processed flawlessly. Apply online to get started.