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T1 Payments is the oldest payment provider servicing the CBD industry in the United States. We support a range of high-risk merchants, from Cannabidiol (CBD) to Hemp and Vaping segments.

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Selling cannabidiol (also known as CBD/CBD oil/Hemp oil) can be a profitable business venture. It can also be a massive financial disaster if you are not working with a merchant services provider who understands all the regulatory issues facing the ever-emerging CBD and hemp oil industry.

CBD e-commerce is considered a high-risk business, which seriously complicates the process of getting paid for online sales. If you’re looking to open a hemp or CBD merchant account, you may run into difficulties in finding the right partner to handle CBD credit card processing or hemp product payment processing. Your processor may suddenly close your account, or your e-commerce platform may decide not to support the sales of CBD and hemp products without any notice, leaving you unable to complete CBD credit card processing on your website.

As a CBD merchant, you will need to find a payment processor who works with high-risk businesses. The best-case scenario is one who is experienced in working with CBD e-commerce merchants. It’s fairly easy to find high-risk payment processors, but it can be difficult to identify high-risk payment processors who truly understand the industry. 

Card brands can impose hefty fines on merchants selling cannabidiol oil products that violate their guidelines. T1 Payments ensures uniform compliance for all CBD merchant accounts in order to prevent fines and violations on not only the state, but the federal level as well. 

It’s also important to work with a proactive high-risk payment processor, one whose own business success relies on staying ahead of the rules and regulations affecting online CBD sales and who actively works to not only keep you informed of regulatory changes, but is proactive with developing solutions to the ever-evolving regulations that could greatly impact your CBD / hemp credit card processing. 



  • Experience and understanding of CBD and hemp businesses to help you to quickly open a CBD merchant account and unlock the benefits of credit card acceptance.
  • Sell vape and CBD hemp products on the same website with no need for separate CBD merchant accounts and websites.
  • Sell hemp/CBD products globally*, allowing buyers to purchase in their native currency as you get paid out in your local currency. 
  • Secure payment gateway and cart integrations fully compliant with all PCI DSS Statements.
  • Hassle-free integration with over 175 e-commerce shopping carts as T1 Payments handles the entire integrations process.
  • Global CBD credit card processing services: we collect payments in over 169 currencies and settle in 27 currencies.
  • Help prevent chargebacks with the latest technology and maintain good standing for your business with the card networks to ensure the longevity of your CBD and hemp product payment processing.


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All high-risk businesses can be a challenge to manage, but CBD merchant accounts present unique issues. Under U.S. federal law, CBD products that contain less than 0.3% of THC are legal. However, state laws can be vague and open to interpretation by law enforcement authorities. Companies that offer financial and e-commerce services typically do not like uncertainty, and many simply choose not to deal with merchants offering CBD.

Thankfully, T1 Payments is here to help you navigate the complex, evolving regulatory climate within each state in the U.S. and beyond.

T1 Payments has been successfully serving our CBD merchant accounts for five years and has an entire compliance department coupled with proprietary tools dedicated to making sure your CBD credit card processing and other services remain within the US and global regulations.


*except in regions/countries where vaping/e-cigarette products are restricted/prohibited.