It’s easy to set up e-commerce payment processing with T1 Payments. Get a processor that’s experienced in working with high-risk industries and capable of handling a high volume of transactions.


When your business needs secure e-commerce payment processing that is easy to set up, global, and state-of-the-art, T1 Payments has you covered. T1 Payments offers high-risk e-commerce merchant accounts through next-generation, reliable payment gateways that are simple, with no set-up fees and flat rates for all major credit cards.


Regardless of your industry, customers are increasingly demanding seamless, reliable e-commerce payments. T1 offers excellent customer service, a global network, and industry-specific expertise to support the next stage of your company’s growth. Because we have experience working with a range of industries, we are able to process a high volume of transactions for e-commerce merchants.

E-commerce payment processing doesn’t have to be complicated: we take care of the payment processing pain points so you can focus on your business, growing sales, and boosting revenue.

T1 Payments’ e-commerce payment gateway supports international and domestic solutions that easily integrate with over 175 gateways. While there are a growing number of e-commerce payment processing services, there are few providers that are familiar with the needs and requirements for maintaining a high-risk e-commerce merchant account in good standing.

Whether you’re selling CBD, tobacco, or vape products, it’s crucial for any high-risk business to be on top of regulations and guidelines to operate successfully. T1 Payments’ team is here to help you monitor evolving global regulations specific to your industry.


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