See how T1 Payments can grow your business with a collection agency merchant account. We specialize in payment processing for high-risk businesses.


Collection agency merchant account processing is considered very high risk by traditional financial institutions, so they often won’t work with businesses in the industry. When you partner with T1 Payments, you get a company that specializes in collections merchant processing for first-party debt collections.

Our team understands all aspects of high-risk merchant account collections, including both federal and state-mandated compliance that collection agencies must adhere to in order to do business legally in the US.

We know it is crucial for collections agencies to be able to collect all forms of payment immediately from your customers and for your clients. Just like any business, collection agencies need a constant and uninterrupted flow of money to maintain their business operations.

Partner with T1 Payments today and let our global credit card processing platform process all of your collected-on past-due accounts seamlessly.


T1 Payments is among the most experienced companies working with high-risk merchant account collections. Our global experts provide excellent customer service and are familiar with all aspects of collections merchant processing, regardless of your business model, location, or the size of your team.

Not only are we able to process payments for high-risk merchants across a range of industries, but we’re also able to handle a high volume of payments. There is no credit check needed to get started.

We offer global payment processing and provide collection agency merchant accounts to companies around the globe. T1 Payments is able to process payments in 160 currencies. Do you have further questions about a collection agency merchant account or how T1 Payments can help enhance and grow your business? Call 866-518-2216 today and our team will help you get started.