Global Payments Processing

T1 Payments offers an international payment gateway to high-risk merchants across a wide range of industries, from MLM’s to Cannabidiol (CBD), hemp, and vape.



As a high-risk merchant looking to take your domestic e-commerce business to a new level, T1 Payments has a globally connected payment processing solution ready to work for you so you can unlock international sales opportunities.

T1 Payments understands the unique issues surrounding the high-risk payments industry. Many traditional payment providers will not open high risk merchant accounts, but we believe all legitimate businesses should have the choice to accept credit card payments as this is critical to helping them grow. We pride ourselves on being more flexible around the limitations placed on card transactions in comparison to traditional or low-risk processors.

For example, we do not prohibit or restrict:

  • Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions
  • Payments acceptance in multiple currencies
  • Selling globally to countries outside of the U.S., Canada, Western or Northern Europe, Japan, and Australia

We work harder to remove payment barriers for companies in sectors such as vape merchants, multi-level marketing companies, or CBD. We want to help businesses grow by taking advantage of a global economy and helping you to increase profits.

global processing merchants



  • Fast and Liberal Underwriting
  • Unlimited Volume
  • Express On-boarding
  • Flat Rate Merchant Account
  • Advanced Fraud Protection
  • Integrated Risk Management/Chargeback Prevention Tools
  • Real-time Online Reporting
  • Recurring Billing
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Virtual Terminal/Payment Gateway
  • Complete Card Industry Compliance


  • Experience and understanding of high-risk businesses helping you to open a high risk merchant account and unlock the full benefits of an international payment gateway and credit card acceptance.
  • Greater earning potential for your business with more flexibility around the type and amount of revenue you can generate via credit cards, for example, the ability to process more than $20,000 per month and accept individual credit card transactions over $500.
  • Over 175 e-commerce shopping cart integrations made hassle-free thanks to T1 Payments handling the entire shopping cart integration process.
  • Uncapped volume merchant account allowing the growth of sales without disruption
  • The ability to collect payments in over 160 currencies and settle in 27 currencies.
  • Deployment of the latest technology to help prevent and mitigate chargebacks, maintain good standing for your business with the card brand networks, and ensure your merchant account’s longevity.
  • Track your transactions online in real time. The T1 International Payment Gateway allows you to customize reports to meet your business needs.
  • The T1 Payments Gateway allows you to customize reports to meet your business needs. Inside your personalized gateway is a list of standard reports, but if you require a customized report simply select your parameters. Users can download, export, or print their reports.
  • Dedicated customer support manager from the T1 Payments in-house integration team to ensure your business can start accepting payments quickly, securely, and reliably.

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