Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I able to run my own credit card as a merchant?

    No, please do not ever run your own credit card as this is against the rules of V/MC and can result in your merchant account being terminated.

  • My customer received a declined by authorization system?

    We would suggest trying the transaction again, but not more than 2 times to prevent any fraud alerts from being placed on the card. However, if it still does not result in a successful transaction, please have the customer call their card acquiring bank and ask to please allow the transaction to go through.

  • My customer received a response card “Limit Exceeded”?

    This response code means that your customer has exceeded the amount of credit available on their card and will not be able to complete the transaction.

  • My Customer received a response code “Customer Blacklisted” do not accept card?

    This could mean one of two things. Your customer’s card has been reported lost or stolen or the customer has processed with one of our merchants before in the past and initiated a chargeback. If any customer ever initiates a chargeback with any of our merchants we will no longer accept that credit card. However, they are welcome to try a different credit card.

  • My customer received a response code “Transaction Not Allowed” or “Restricted Card”?

    Transaction blocked or transaction now allowed means that the customers card issuing bank has a block on the card and the customer needs to please call their bank and allow for the transaction to go through. Once the customer has called their card issuing bank they can try the transaction again. However, if the customer tries the card without calling their bank this could prompt for our fraud alert system to place a 24 hour “blacklisted” hold on the card.

  • What should I do if I had an issue and need to run a lot of refunds?

    We kindly ask that you please inform so we can ensure the refunds are run properly and does not cause your account to become negative. If your account becomes negative this could prompt our system to place a hold on your account. To prevent this from happening we kindly ask that you please contact us first before doing anything that may seem out of the ordinary and prompt our system to place your account on hold.

  • What should I do if I need an increase in my monthly approved processing volume?

    T1 Payments prides itself in customer service and communication. Please give us a call at 866- 518-2216 or send an email to However, we do receive alerts if your account is close to hitting your monthly approved limit. If you have been processing consistently and without any issue your monthly volume limit will be increased.

  • When will I receive my first deposit?

  • Why am not able to void a transaction?

    Because we settle in real time once a transaction has been settled you must do a refund and not a void.

  • Why do my transactions still show as “pending” inside my NMI gateway?

    Our platform settles in real time. Meaning the as soon as the transaction has been processed it is automatically settled. NMI doesn’t have the capability to show these transactions as being settled, but if the transaction shows as “Successful” the transaction has been settled.

  • Since this is an international platform and some customers credit cards have been blocked do you have any suggestions as to how I can communicate with them if they need to call their bank?

    We have had a lot merchants that have had a great deal of success placing the following on their website;

    • By making a purchase on our website, you certify you are at least 18 years of age.
    • Because we use a U.K.-based credit card processor, your bank may charge you a small processing fee, usually about 1-2% of the transaction.
    • Because we use a U.K.-based credit card processor, if your card is declined, please contact your bank, and ask them to allow this international transaction to go through.
    • If paying by credit/debit card, charges on your statement will appear as “HIGHLAND PHARMS” or “BIG TREE REMEDIES”.

  • Why is it important to keep processing transactions on T1 Payments?

    Merchant processing is based upon risk and when a high-risk processor risk department sees a merchant that has been consistently processing credit cards suddenly stops processing credit cards it sends up red flags. If you as the merchant stops processing and we pay out on all those transactions and the merchant fails to full fill the items the customers ordered a chargeback can initiated by the customer for up to 6 months. T1 Payments will place your deposits on hold until we are able to resolve the issue as to why you stopped processing. We will make every effort to assist you in getting your merchant account successfully processing again so we can start depositing your funds into your bank account again.

  • Why is it important to process credit cards consistently to improve my declines?

    When T1 Payments set up your merchant account we in fact gave you a descriptor that is unique to your business and website. Your descriptor is new and it needs to prorogate throughout all the card brands so your new descriptor is picked up and recognized. The more card issuing banks pick up your descriptor the lower the transaction declines you will experience. The key to merchant processing is to process consistently to prevent spikes and lows in transactions that can cause cautionary fraud alerts.

  • What is an Internet Payment Gateway?

    An Internet Payment Gateway is used to securely authorizes and process credit cards for e-commerce and brick and motor businesses. An Internet Payment Gateway can be integrated into a websites to process payments once your online customer has completed their shopping cart and are ready to check out and pay. The payment gateway securely encrypts the credit card data and returns a response of either accepted or declined.

    An online payment gateway also provides authorizations for credit cards, batching out (batching out is the process of sending your businesses daily transactions to the merchant processor for payment), and reporting of all your daily transactions.

    T1 Payments utilizes NMI a fully PCI Compliant payment gateway. NMI provides a full suite of revolutionary data security and fraud detection services to ensure your business is protected from hackers and thieves. Your business can also enjoy utilizing NMI’s payment gateway without a website as a stand alone payment gateway and accept credit cards online.

  • Do I need a merchant account and valid ID?

    Per the rules of the Patriot Act that went into effect in 2011, it is mandatory for all persons opening a merchant account to show either a valid U.S. Driver’s License or Valid Passport. Furthermore, we must comply with AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (know your customers.).

  • Do I need to have a US based business?

    No, you do not need to be a US based business. We accept merchants from all around the world as long as their country is not listed on the OFAC list as a country we are forbidden to do business with.

  • How long does it take to start processing credit cards?

    We can have an approval for you in 24-48 business hours.

  • Do I have to set up a bank account in the US?

    No, you do not have to have a US bank account.