Customized High-Risk Credit Card Processing

Customized High-Risk Credit Card Processing with T1 Payments

Accepting credit card payments is something you and millions of other companies around the world do. Nothing especially unique about it, right? But as a high-risk business that specializes in first-class customer support, you undoubtedly have needs that make your organization unlike others. You’re in luck: T1 Payments is an unparalleled credit card processor, structured to meet the ongoing requirements and idiosyncrasies of high-risk businesses like yours.

What is high-risk credit card processing?

High-risk credit card processing is a service that is offered by a very select number of credit card processors. These providers are willing to work with organizations deemed to be “high risk” by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. There are any number of reasons for why they may be classified as high risk, whether due to a track record of fraud to a history of excessively high chargebacks. Adult entertainment, fantasy sports, travel, CBD, MLMs and several more are frequently associated with high-risk types of businesses

Because there are so many variables involved in accepting high-risk credit card transactions, many processors flat out refuse to provide traditional merchant services that they normally would.

That’s one of the ways T1 Payments is unique. As one of a fairly limited number of high-risk payment processors in the world, we can provide you with all-inclusive payment gateway service. Why are we willing to take the risk? As we see it, the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

Additionally, because we’re structured differently, T1 Payments has the ability to specialize in high-risk credit card processing. What’s more, we do it all by keeping our fees affordable, all under one bill, one processor and one flat rate. This is something that you likely will be hard-pressed to find with other high-risk credit card processing firms. Generally speaking, high fees is a common trait among providers and high-risk merchant accounts. The way T1 Payments is structured and our ownership of the payment cycle — in its entirety — is what makes the lower cost structure possible. 

But just because you’re a business owner in a high-risk industry where options may be limited doesn’t mean you should be willing to go with any payment processor that is willing to accept you. You deserve one that will be more than willing to work with you. That’s what you’ll get by choosing T1 Payments. As your high-risk processing partner, T1 Payments understands high-risk businesses and the potential complications you can run into from time to time, many of which may be through no fault of your own. Because we specialize in the high-risk merchant account space, we’re built differently and have the infrastructure in place to cover our bases for high-risk credit card transactions. Thus, if the only answer you’ve been getting from banks of late is “no,” you’re more likely to get a “yes” with T1 Payments. 

High-Risk Credit Card Processing


How much does it costs to process credit card transactions?

Just as your customers pay you to provide them with a certain product or service, the same standard applies to credit card issuers. Each transaction comes with a certain fee. The amount can be wide-ranging — typically in the low single digits — and are called interchange and assessment fees. Interchange fees service from the acquiring bank and assessment fees are charged by the payment network. The fees can be a lot higher for high-risk businesses.

Any high-risk credit card processor will tell you that this is part of the deal when you’re a high-risk business. Credit card providers have to protect themselves from the potential for encountering financial losses, and make up for this fact through the higher fees that they charge.

Once again, this is what makes T1 Payments an untraditional high-risk credit card processor.  Unlike other high-risk payment processors that charge you an arm and a leg to leverage their payment gateway, T1 Payments does things differently by supplying you with a pre-determined flat monthly fee, paired with a flat per-transaction fee. Thus, instead of going by a percentage of monthly sales volume — which can affect your profitability during particularly robust sales periods — you can better predict your expenses and potentially grow your sales by leveraging the additional funds where appropriate. No one wants to be penalized for their success. By choosing T1 Payments, you won’t be. In fact, many of the companies that have started out as high risk but eventually moved to low-risk classification stayed with us. Why? Because they know us, and they appreciate us for our transparent pricing. 

What is the typical funding schedule for high-risk credit card processing? 

It isn’t enough to have access to a payment gateway; you also want a credit card processor that will enable you to receive your funds so they’re safely and securely deposited into your account. For organizations like Visa, Discover, Mastercard and other household name providers, it typically takes 24 to 48 hours for the funds to arrive. 

There is a bit more due diligence to address in the high-risk credit card processing vertical, given the nature of the transaction and the need to guard against the possibility of chargebacks, refunds, and potential card brand violation fines. Generally speaking, high-risk credit card processors can take up 5 to 10 days.

Yet again, the typical funding schedule with T1 Payments is what makes us a high-risk credit processor that is highly atypical. We are a next-generation merchant processing company that is geared for speed. Since we own the whole payment cycle, this enables us to accelerate the time that it normally would take so you can make use of the incoming funds far faster than you would with other high risk credit card processing companies. This boosts flexibility, deepens service and gives you customized credit card processing solutions that you have to see to believe.  Better yet, we don’t sacrifice speed for accuracy. Our dedicated in-house customer support team is committed to excellence and we aim to achieve it from the moment we open (7 a.m. EST) to the second we close (8 p.m. EST). It’s not one or the other with us. We give it our all so you can get it all. 

With flexible underwriting, virtual terminal access, a 95% approval rate and an ability to accept 169 currencies from all around the world — covering five of the seven continents — T1 Payments is your number one full-service solution for your high-risk business. If you’re ready to get things started, so are we. Contact us today and experience our high-level processing prowess. 


Finally a legitimate Kratom processor

I own my own Kratom business. I was recommended t1 by around 6 other business owners.
I was hesitant as I have been burnt by an overseas processor that ended with me loosing thousands.
I have now been processing for almost a year. My business has grown by 40% since adding t1 to my check out. Jason in the Las Vegas office has been amazing, answering all my questions promptly. Thank you for finally giving the kratom vendors a legitimate solution.

Angie Lewis


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