White-Glove Service Can Stamp Out Credit Card Fraud

March 20, 2017

It’s widely known in the industry that the second the credit card information leaves the customer, the chances of fraud increases dramatically. But what if white-glove service from your payment processor can actually serve to lower those chances?

Here at T1 Payments, we believe that we’re changing the game: by relying on our team team, and not outsourcing any elements of customer service.

Our president and CEO, Donald Kasdon, says that this is so important to our long-term success – and to the success of our customers: “Being able to talk to a real, live member of the team is a differentiator in the credit card industry. Just think of the ads for Discover that show examples of people being treated like people. Having a live member of the T1 team on the phone with you to discuss account status is not something other companies would consider doing, but it’s a way of life for us.”

Here’s an example. We all know how potentially painful chargebacks can be. At T1 Payments, a member of the team personally looks at every single chargeback.

Kasdon has more to add: “If you have a veteran of the industry, someone who has been in your shoes and has decades of experience looking through transactions, their intimate knowledge of your account can be a real plus. It’s not something we would ever outsource.”
We could automate these things, but we know that the human element plays a very important role in stopping fraudulent transactions, and that keeps more money in your pocket as a business owner.

Kasdon continued, “The attention to service continues with our approach to technology. We don’t cut corners, and that means that our customer service team needs to build relationships with the technology providers that are so important to this industry. Then, we share that knowledge with our customers, ensuring as seamless a process as possible.”

Building relationships with customers and staying on a first-name basis with customers is vital to the success of the T1 Payments business – and we think it sets us apart in the industry.