October 22, 2020

“Credit card fraud is on the rise and fraudsters are using your e-commerce merchant account to test stolen credit card, and BIN numbers and we deploy a lot of proprietary fraud tools, but we also recommend iSpyFraud,”  said Donald Kasdon of T1 Payments.

How to Use iSpyFraud

iSpyFraud is a rule-based transaction scrubber that will block transactions from fully processing if they trigger one or more rules set within the software. The fraud prevention tool touches all sources of processing on the payment gateway and can be set on a “per processor” basis or all processors as needed.

It will not stop a card spinner from attacking a website and cannot keep users from accessing a website; the service requires the transactions to reach the NMI gateway in order to scrub them against the Merchant’s set rules and block or mark them for review accordingly.

The service can be used to enforce a minimum/maximum transaction amount, block or whitelist IPs, email addresses, countries, credit card numbers, and more. It can also be set to adhere to daily, weekly, or monthly usage thresholds, such as restricting a consumer from changing their credit card number too many times during a specific time period.

iSpyFraud has three sections in which a Merchant can access rules and thresholds and two sections to review the results of those rules and thresholds.

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  1. Thresholds
  2. User ban
  3. Exceptions
  4. Waiting review
  5. History log
  1. Thresholds:
  2. This page allows you to set the parameters of your fraud protection based on the amount of money charged per transaction, the number of transactions charged, etc.

  3. User Ban:
  4. This page allows you to ban specific users, by the IP address of their computer, by their credit card number, by country, or by their user information in your system. If you have a specific demographic that tends to be fraudsters, this feature can help you lock them out of your system.

  5. Exceptions:
  6. This page allows you to make exceptions to the fraud ban system on iSpyFraud for users you know are legitimate. Bans and filter features might lock them out due to pre-determined characteristics, which makes this feature essential.

  7. Waiting Review:
  8. Transactions that have been flagged as possibly fraudulent will appear on this page, waiting for your review. If you find them harmless, do nothing. If you believe the transactions are fraudulent, you may cancel the charges put through by going to your gateway.

  9. History Log:
  10. This page allows you to see recent transactions performed, with a color-coding chart for easy reference as to whether the transaction was accepted, denied, etc.

    Stop fraudsters in their tracks with iSpyFraud as your reliable fraud prevention tool. Do not be left with a large bill from your payment processor or lose your merchant account or gateway provider due to fraudulent card testing transactions.

    Contact T1 Payments Customer Support team at 866-518-2216 ext. 4 for further information.