Shopify and High Risk Payment Processing

March 2, 2018

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High Risk Businesses, Payment Processors & Shopify

Your online store is finally open for business. You photographed your merchandise, wrote the copy, designed the site, learned the technology. Now your hard work is going to start paying off. Things are looking good, you’re excited – and then you suddenly find out that you can’t accept payments via Shopify.
Chances are good that this has recently happened to you if your business is considered “high-risk” and your payment processor uses the NMI gateway, which is true of the majority of high-risk payment processors.


What to do? The good news is that T1 Payments will be able to provide a solution that will allow you to stay fully integrated with Shopify’s platform and continue processing payments for your high-risk store. Call T1 Payment’s merchant support at 866-518-2216 x3003 for more information.
Your other options include using one of the low-risk gateways that Shopify accepts, but don’t count on that working for long. The payments industry is very efficient in knowing what businesses are high-risk.

What Is High-Risk Payment Processing?

Payment processors and payment gateways consider some types of businesses and industries to be high risk. This is determined by a high average (or high likelihood of) chargebacks or returns within a specific type of industry, or a merchant’s unique payment processing history.
If your business falls into the high-risk category, many payment service providers will not provide you with a merchant account. And to accept payments online, you need a merchant account.
The solution is to work with a payment processor who accepts high risk clients, and provides a suitable payment gateway.
Wondering what the difference is between a payment processor and a payment gateway? A payment processor such as T1 Payments transmits data between the merchant (that’s you); the bank that issued your customer’s payment card and your bank.  A payment gateway securely authorizes online payments. Without these services, your ecommerce business is dead.

A Shopify Solution For High Risk Businesses

Since Shopify has removed NMI from its list of accepted gateways, payment processors using NMI – and, again, that’s the gateway of choice for many high-risk processors – can no longer execute transactions for their customers using Shopify.
T1 Payments’ solution means that businesses who use Shopify as their ecommerce platform will be able to continue doing business, without having to find a new ecommerce site that hosts high risk businesses and without having to rebuild their ecommerce website from scratch on the new platform.
T1 Payments will help you keep your ecommerce business going so the only thing you need to worry about is making your business grow.

Our payment gateway isn’t limited to Shopify either! Not only do we offer the best payment gateway for high risk businesses, but our gateway is compatible with over 175 shopping cart providers. From WooCommerce to Magento, you can see a full list of the shopping cart platforms we support on our Integrations page.

For more information, speak to someone on our dedicated support team by submitting a contact form or give us a call at 866-518-2216 and Apply today!