Seven Things to Think About Before Signing Up for Payment Processing

March 20, 2017

Merchants, you know how it goes. Anything that isn’t a core part of your business is a commodity, and you’re best off just going with the best price. Right?

Well, from the standpoint of selecting a payment processing solution, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, often the best price is a surefire pathway to failure, as low cost can mean bad technology, poor service, and money actually going out the door.
T1 Payments thinks there’s a better way – of course, that’s our business – but, no matter who you go with for payment processing, here are seven things you’ll want to think about before pulling the trigger.

1. Customer Service

Consider this scenario: very slick sales guy gets you to sign on the dotted line and tells you that his colleague will be in touch to answer any questions. But…you don’t hear from the colleague, or, if they do get in touch, it’s another company handling it – not the one you signed up with.
Happens all the time in the industry. With T1, though, you know who you’re working with. They have a name, and they call you by your name. And you actually talk to them on a regular basis. (Sounds novel, but, believe us, not everyone thinks that way.)

2. Fraud detection

You want a secure solution, you want someone who is going to bat for you. Yet, with other companies, you may not have access to the greatest fraud-prevention tools.
At T1, we pride ourselves in staying two steps ahead of the industry, and we personally look at every single chargeback. This approach, plus our security-first philosophy, means we help your bottom line.

3. Did we mention customer service?

We can’t emphasize our personal touch enough – and if you look at some of the tech solutions that aim to make your life easier, well…just try to get someone from one of those companies on the phone. It’s tough.
We make it a point to be on a first-name basis with you. It’s a 24/7 business, and we’re there for you. Yes, 24/7 service.

4. How quickly everything gets rectified

Imagine getting your money the very next day. Another novel concept that we make a way of life at T1 Payments.

5. Industry connections

Because we know everyone in the industry and we have more than 10,000 satisfied customers, we’re here for you. That means we’re working for you behind the scenes, too – at industry events, where we’re constantly learning new ways to keep you two steps ahead.

6. Again, customer service!

If you haven’t gotten the picture – we are obsessed with customer service. Go ahead and call the competitors and find out their commitment to serving their customers. Bet they don’t say “obsessed.”

7. Refusal to cut corners

Our servers are top-notch – we pay too much, according to our competitors. Our technology is cutting-edge – again, another thing we might be over-paying for.
But that’s the point – you want someone who gives 110%. You want a payment processor who has your back and won’t settle for inferior products or sub-par technology.
Yes, we’re quite different at T1 Payments. And that’s a good thing.