High-Risk Payment Processing Solutions

March 30, 2018

Comprehensive High-Risk Payment Processing Solutions
T1 Payments offers a customizable, end-to-end solution for high-risk ecommerce businesses. Whether you’re an experienced online merchant, or are struggling to find a payment processor who will work with your high-risk business – T1 Payments can help you. We’ll get you up and running fast, and then we’ll help keep your company profitable with services to protect you from fraud and chargebacks, personalized support to answer your questions, and a commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction as your business grows and prospers.
Why We Work With High-Risk Businesses
We feel that everyone deserves a chance to succeed. And our decades of experience in global payment processing also enables us to reduce many of the risks typically associated with industries such as:

  • CBD
  • Nutraceutical
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Online Dating
  • Gaming
  • Start-Ups
  • Telemarketing
  • Travel
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Collection Agencies

What’s So Risky About My Business?
High-risk businesses typically are rejected by banks and other payment processors primarily because companies working in the industries listed above have a higher-than-average chance of experiencing:

  • Chargebacks
  • Payment card fraud
  • Product returns/refunds
  • Out-of-country sales

There are other problems that can result in a business being classified as high risk, including the owner’s own financial history and how long the company has been in business.
All of these issues are problematic, as they complicate predictive analysis regarding projected cash flow, cause unexpected loses, and take time to reconcile. But as noted above many of these concerns can be mitigated with expertise in the high-risk business space teamed with the right technology solutions.
T1 Payments offers a comprehensive service offering – including risk management, chargeback protection, and advanced fraud monitoring – which we can tailor for any high-risk business’ needs. This enables us to easily work with vendors that would otherwise have a very difficult time finding a payment processor. And we are typically able to work with businesses that other service providers have refused. But why waste time being rejected? Come to T1 Payments first.
Affordable High-Risk Payment Processing
When a business is classified as high-risk, just getting paid for goods and/or services can become a very expensive proposition. Why? Because you pay for exposing other companies to risks associated with your business. To protect themselves against their potential losses, financial service providers may charge fees for onboarding an account, excessive costs for chargeback and fraud monitoring services, higher rates for processing chargebacks, big reserves held on payments, and higher costs all around for every necessary service make it much harder to maintain cash flow and profitability.
It is true that a high-risk business needs more sophisticated solutions to protect that business – and its payment partner – against loss. This naturally results in higher costs. But excessive costs are unacceptable and unfair. At T1 Payments, we want our customers to succeed and grow. And our customers often choose to continue to work with T1 Payments even after they have established a business that can easily qualify for a lower-risk classification.
What You Should Expect From A High-Risk Payment Processor
Don’t lower your expectations simply because your business is classified as high-risk. Not only do you need all the capabilities and data security protections any online vendor requires, you also need payment procession solutions that will minimize your exposure to fraud and help mitigate potential problems typically associated with your industry. These services include:
Flexible Underwriting: Underwriting, in the context of ecommerce, refers to the policies a Payment Processor and other financial firms use to vet a merchant to determine whether they want to do business with that merchant. Ideally you want a Payment Processor who has a thoughtful approach to vetting, and looks at the big picture rather than automatically rejecting an account due to issues that are typical in particular industries. T1 Payments is known for being flexible regarding our underwriting process. We’re also fast – you’ll get an answer regarding your account application quickly.
Full-Service Solution: Look for a Payment Processor who provides a comprehensive service offering so that you don’t have to apply for multiple accounts, pass multiple vetting processes, and figure out what works with what and what doesn’t work at all on your own. Piecing together your own solution can ramp up both your costs and inefficiencies – plus, what business owner has the time to properly research all of the possible providers and solutions? With T1 Payments, our e-commerce, mobile, and MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) customers all gain easy access to all the most popular shopping cart solutions, a secure payment gateway, active account monitoring with fraud scrubs and real-time online reporting.
No Lock-In: You also want an easily deployed solution that doesn’t limit you to specific platforms or requires you to purchase and maintain specific software. With T1 Payments, no special software is required.
Solid Customer Support: Obviously, you want to work with a Payment Processor who provides caring, informed and motivated support. There’s nothing more frustrating than listening to a “customer care” rep slowly reading through a prepared support script when your site isn’t functioning and you’re losing sales. Look for a Payment Processor with a dedicated in-house support team that is empowered to fix problems, rather than simply escalate you up the support tiers until you happen to connect with someone who has a clue.
Data Protection: Any service provider who handles payment card data must be fully in compliance with “The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” (PCI DSS, commonly called PCI). The current version of PCI is v3.2. These standards were designed to help ensure that the data is protected when it is collected, in transit and in storage.  PCI is a shared responsibly – another reason why it is good to work with a Payment Processor who offers and end-to-end solution. Your Payment Processor should ensure that the entire payment chain service offered is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. Level 1 is the most rigorous tier of data security as defined by PCI. If you work with a company that does not comply with PCI, you may face big fines and other financial penalties as well as lose your company’s ability to accept credit/debit cards.
Flat Fee Merchant Account: You’ll also want a Payment Processor that can provide you with a flat fee merchant account. A flat fee account charges you a pre-determined flat monthly fee and a flat per-transaction fee instead of a percentage of your monthly sales volume. With a flat fee merchant account, you can predict your expenses and grow your sales without paying a financial penalty for your success.
T1 Payments specializes in meeting the needs of high-risk merchants, providing a full suite of Payment Processing and Payment Gateway services that integrate with over 175 different shopping carts. T1 also provides flat fee merchant accounts, complies fully with PCI, and offers comprehensive account monitoring, reporting and support to help high-risk merchants avoid chargebacks, fraud and other business risks. And our customer support team members are the best in the business.
To find out more about our customizable global payment solutions for high-risk merchants please visit t1payments.com or call 866-518-2216.