How T1 Payments Delivers Solutions to High-Risk Processing Challenges

March 30, 2018

If your long-term goal is to grow your business, the solution is straightforward enough: Sell more of your products or services, and make it simple for your customers to pay as they please, whether they’re making payments online or by some other charging method. But if you operate a high-risk business and accept credit cards as a form of payment — or seek to do so — achieving your aspirations may be easier said than done.

With T1 Payments as your processing partner, our next-generation solutions can give you the extra boost you need to realize your sales targets, despite the challenges that high-risk businesses can often encounter.

What are considered high-risk businesses?
One of the many ways T1 Payments is not your ordinary payment processing provider is related to who we primarily serve. In a word — you. As a purveyor of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, online gaming or gambling, your business is undoubtedly considered high risk by most lenders and credit card processors. Other high-risk industries include CBD, hemp, travel and hospitality, e-cigarettes and many more.

The threat of fraud, chargebacks and canceled transactions is greater with high-risk businesses. This makes it more challenging to accept payments of all kinds because credit card processors and other payment providers are frequently reluctant to do business with organizations that are considered part of high-risk industries by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. They tend to think that the risks outweigh the rewards.

In this way, T1 Payments is not your typical payment processor. Since our target audience happens to be companies in high-risk industries, we’ve developed a customized system that gives us more visibility into the payment cycle. Since most of it occurs under one roof, it provides us and high-risk merchants with added security, speed, flexibility and accuracy. So while we perform high-risk processing, our rigorous methodology reduces the risk of chargebacks and fraud. You might refer to what we do as “de-risking” high-risk processing.

What are rates like for high-risk processing?
None of this is to say that T1 Payments is the only organization out there that provides high-risk processing. Several others do, too. But all too often, it comes at at a hefty price. In short, to offset the added risk, rival payment gateways will charge exorbitant fees that can affect your bottom line. This leaves you with less money to place in your high-risk merchant accounts before going to your business’s bank account.

Here at T1 payments, we don’t think you should be penalized for risk factors that are often beyond your control. That’s why we aim to please when it comes to pricing. Since we own the lion’s share of the payment cycle, including data encryption, it doesn’t cost as much to run these transactions. We pass the savings on to you in the form of one flat rate that’s under one bill. After all, we are T1 Payments. There is nothing solitary about our value-added services, however, which are truly numerous. They include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Integrated risk management
  • Chargeback prevention tools
  • Express onboarding
  • Virtual terminal
  • Transaction tracking
  • Report customization
  • In-house integration

These are the types of payment solutions you need as a high-risk business but may not receive from just one provider. T1 Payments performs these and so much more, thereby helping to potentially grow your company beyond your wildest expectations.

How else can T1 Payments help my high-risk businesses succeed and grow?

Through the added safety nets we provide, you can reach more buyers, including those with bad credit. But we can also help you go global. Your customers use numerous currencies, and as a global e-commerce payment processing company, we collect payments in over 160 currencies. We also settle in 27 currencies. So if you think you’re restricted to selling to customers who buy with dollars, think again. From Euros to pesos and pounds, T1 Payments has the international presence that enables you to accept online payments in a plethora of currencies, whether those buyers are shopping from Japan, Australia, Italy or Brazil.

Additionally, card-not-present transactions are not an issue. Through active account monitoring fraud scrubs and complete payment card industry compliance, T1 Payments leverages state-of-the-art technology so you can accept payments at high volume even when those purchases are coming from out of the United States.

In short, if you want a seat at the payments table, we say pull up a chair. T1 Payments offers comprehensive high-risk payment processing solutions. Contact us today or apply now.