Where to go When the Bank Says No to A Traditional Merchant Account?

February 12, 2019


Where to go when the bank says no!

If you are considered a high-risk merchant, it’s tough enough to get a new business off the ground when times are good, and the economy is stable. Today, it’s even more challenging to find a bank or payments provider that wants to work with you.

You could have a great business with loyal customers but, if you are in a higher-risk industry category, the bank is likely to shut their door with a non-negotiable NO and you find yourself ‘financially excluded’. This term has grown in profile over recent years and describes those who are put at a disadvantage due to being denied access to financial services. The good news is that there is more attention being paid to rectifying this situation than ever before.

Unlocking payments power for high-risk merchants

So, what do you do if your business is in a high-risk industry such as vapes, e-cigarettes and tobacco, nutraceuticals or CBD Oil, and cannot find a traditional payments provider that will work with you? You need a partner that understands high-risk merchants and makes digital payment acceptance easy.

T1 Payments specializes in credit card processing for high-risk merchants. There are so many great, legitimate businesses that could be growing with access to payment services that others take for granted. The problem is that mainstream banks or credit card processors are being too slow to change and adapt to different types of needs. T1 Payments does things differently and removes the barriers for companies in sectors such as gaming, MLM’s or CBD Oil. Now more than ever, we need to help small businesses grow, become profitable and be part of a stable, thriving economy.

Partner with T1 Payments for all your high-risk merchant processing needs.

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